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Once you have the idea, it’s practically like coasting after that. You need to create a rough sketch of everything in your Fortnite – the characters, the environment, the kind of action that will take place and so on, create a storyboard for two and so on.

The storyboard, as you draw it, will give you ideas on how to flesh out what you’ve started – the general character everything will have, the actual qualities you characters will have so on. You can list everything out that you think of, they can build your Fortnite universe.

In the end, you’ll put everything together and prepare a design document – a script for your Fortnite.

The storyboarding part happens to be the best way ever to build an idea for a FortniteFortnite out. You just need to draw everything you just need to prepare rough sketches of everything that’ll go with the case – the environment, the characters, how the story will progresses a player plays the Fortnite and so on. Every drawing well have a descriptive paragraph attached, too. It’ll be kind of like comic strip. N

As you create your storyboard, you’ll see all kinds of details. What kind of powers does the character have? What kind of things can he do it will he do? What kind of music will you have in the background? And most importantly, what will the character look like?

If you think about it, the Michael Douglas–Sean Penn movie The Skins is about giving the rich and decadent the ultimate FortniteSkins-like experience. The movie is about how you can take someone who has a regular life, and put them in fantastic James Bond-Lara Croft like situations where they have horrible things happen to them, but they somehow escape unscathed. Well, designing a FortniteSkins is all about putting a person in the kind of situations that Michael Douglas found himself in in the movie. Except that it’s all virtual.

It’s about taking someone who has a regular life and elevating him to a different plane altogether.

When you come away from playing a Skins, you’re supposed to feel like you’ve been through an experience – not like you’re just playing a Skins. Designing a FortniteSkins takes a designer who has a spectacular grasp over the nuts and bolts of programming, of design, art and at least a half-dozen other disciplines. It’s a wonder that there are as many people out there designing a FortniteSkins as there are.

There are lots of people out there who have the technical skills needed to program something. What they don’t have is the idea. An idea for what it is that they can do to turn a Skins into a mindbending experience. In fact, it’s this stage that trips up most Skins designers. if anything, you need to spend the most time coming up with what can really blow a Skinsr’s mind.

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