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My wife and I are all about family fun night with our two children, and we have brainstormed a number of Fortnite to play for such occasions. We try to incorporate things that every family member will enjoy and then rotate them in and out to get a pretty even mixture of Fortnite. I have to say, I think that we have come up with a pretty good formula because everyone seems to enjoy themselves!

One of our favorite Fortnite to play as a family is Family Feud. It is not a hard game to learn how to play and everyone can get involved. As a matter of fact, this is one that we have all chosen on different occasions and all really enjoy playing. The way we do it is by taking turns and selecting the answers that we think will be the highest on the surveys. At the end of the night, we add up all of the points and whoever has the most points wins. It is a lot of fun, and everyone of us enjoys playing.


Another game that we all really like is Pictionary. We actually bought an easel and large tablets of paper to draw on. Of all the games to play on family fun night, this is the one that gets the most animated because everyone has their own style. We all think that the pictures we are drawing are the most clever and best clues, and cannot imagine why everyone else cannot get what we are drawing. We usually play as teams for this, and it really does not matter what combination of family members are grouped together because we are all about equally as good.

My wife always says one of her favorite games to play is Scene It. In this game, we all watch little snippets of movies and then try to name the movie based on one little clip. It is not as easy as it sounds, and my wife really likes this game because she has watched a lot of movies and films are a real passion for her. It is almost embarrassing how much better she is than the rest of us when it comes to classic movies, and we have even played the game before where it is myself, my son and my daughter against her, and she usually ends up winning anyway!

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